A Folding Kayak

  TAIMEN is a touring folding kayak excellent for family and/or group weekend trips as well
as long haul trips on lakes and rivers with flat water. It is also suitable for white water
trips up to Category IV.

  This kayak can accommodate up to 3 adults with room enough to carry cargo for a trip
of several weeks, and is available in two models "TAIMEN-2" and "TAIMEN-3".

  All parts of the frame are made from high strength duralumin (an alloy of aluminum,
copper, magnesium and manganese), which makes it extremely durable and light.
The frame consists of bow and stern tubing structure (fender bars, gunwales and
deck bar) permanently attached to keel plate, 2 A-shape keel bars for both bow and stern,
4 or 5 cross-ribs, and 2 types of tubes of different diameter (fender bars and gunwales),
bulwark bars for deck tension. Skin: Skin comes in two options. Standard option includes
a skin with a hull made of durable impregnated rubber fabric, reinforced with thick rubber
stripes on bow and stern. Deck is made of canvas, stitched and glued to the hull. It is not
sensitive to UV rays on open storage. Great for flat water trips. PVC option offers high
durability skin with less weight, ease of care. PVC skin is UV and weather conditions resistant.
It comes in various colors combinations, subject to availability. Great look. Hull is reinforced
with protective stripes along keel bars and gunwales. Suitable for whitewater trips up to
category IV.


ModelTaimen 2
Length16' 5"
Beam2' 9"
Weight61 lbs
Max. loading capacity550 lbs

  Standard packaging includes a rudder set, 2 or 3 duralumin collapsible oars. Taimen can be
easily transformed from a boat to 2 packages that can fit in a car, and be accepted as oversized
luggage on a plane. The backpack size is 34"x18"x 8”  plus a bag for oars and frame 56'x11"x11".

  AccessoriesPrices for accessories and kayaks

Kayak with PVC skin11485.00
Skirt PVC1  26.00
Cockpit cover PVC1  19.95
Seat1  58.95
Spray desk1 186.95

                                      Folding kayak for 2



              Spray desk

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